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Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Say cheese! :)

Your life may feel mundane or extreme today. Either way it is a miracle. In case you haven't heard this lately, You are exceptional. Today is a gift. You are a gift.

I want to hit the pause button and take a screenshot of your life in this moment.

Grab your pen and journal. Let's see what you've been up to!

First, take three deep breathes.



Now, we can begin!

Here is the template:

Get a print-out version of the template here.


Humans are learning machines.

What are you learning these days? A practical skill? A life lesson?


By far my favorite part of today's template. Isn't enjoy such a nice word? It makes me think of smiles, fulfillment, and peace. What are you enjoying lately?


These next two prompts have similarities. A want is a desire to possess or do something. What do you have a desire for? Get after it my friend!


A need is something that is essential or required. What do you require to be happy and fruitful?

Wearing, Eating, Drinking

It is fun to get a little snapshot of the practicalities of life. What you wear reflects the weather, location, and stage of life that you are in. Eating and drinking can as well. Imagine looking back at this page in 3 years. What seems normal now may be a nostalgic memory for you.

Thanks for joining me! I would love to see your screenshot! Feel free to share a photo or thoughts with me via my socials.

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