Safe Escape | Journal and Draw Session

We all need a secret escape where we can find safety and peace. Today we discover where you find safety. In the process you will design your own secret escape.

This is a journal and draw! We will both draw a safe space for you, and reflect on where you feel safe. Grab your journal, pencil, and colors!!

You can join me by following the template in this blog, or by following along with the video below.

Get an editable PDF version of the template here.

Safe Escape Journal & Draw Template

Create a safe and calm mind with three deep breaths.



Here is the template:

Get an editable PDF version of the template here.

Today is a Journal & Draw which means that you get to both doodle and write.

Start by drawing the outline of your secret, safe space. Be as creative as you want! It could be a tree house or an igloo.

Each prompt today will ask you to both draw something and write something with those drawings.

DRAW: Draw objects in your room that make you feel safe. For example, a chair, plant, or books.

WRITE: What helps you relax?

DRAW: Draw a large window. Outside of that window should be a place where you feel safe.

WRITE: Where do you feel safe?

DRAW: Draw photos and cards from loved ones.

WRITE: Who makes you feel safe?

DRAW: Draw a rug on your floor.

WRITE: Write yourself a kind note that you can return to.

When you feel like you need a safe space you can return to this journal page and read your note. Look at the image and recall the people that love you, and the places that you love to be in.

Thanks for joining me! I'd love to hear about your experience! Feel free to share a photo or thoughts with me via Instagram or YouTube. @dynosoarlife

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