People Are Amazing | Journal Session

Today we will nurture thoughts of awe. We will appreciate and admire the human species. We will practice thoughts of love, so that your mind is a safe and beautiful place to be.

I think that we need to talk about this more. My experience tells me that there are more hateful comments shared in the world than kind comments. I want to change this ratio. Humans are AMAZING. We have the ability to make selfless choices. We are determined to accomplish our goals. The human body is beautiful!

Grab your pen and journal!

You can join me by following the template in this blog, or by following along with the video below.

Get an editable PDF version of the template here.

People Are Amazing Journal Template

Let's create a beautiful, calm mind by taking three deep breathes.



Here is the template:

Get an editable PDF version of the template here.

Describe a selfless action that you have witnessed.

Save the best for first. :) I love this prompt. Selfless is one of the most miraculous abilities that humans have. Everyday people choose to be more concerned with the needs or desires of someone else than with their own. Isn't that amazing?!

(Shout-out to the parents one this one! Parents exhibit beautiful selflessness.)

What physical beauties are you in awe of?

We can't talk about the beauty of humans without mentioning the human body. What physical beauties are you in awe of? Eyes? Fingerprints?

What human accomplishment are you amazed by?

I am a sucker for humans that try hard. There is something so admirable about people who give it their all.

Explain how you are extraordinary.

You are included in this amazing human life! What makes you extraordinary?


We will end with affirmations. Choose one of the affirmations below, write it down, and say it out-loud.

  • I see beauty in people.

  • Humans are capable of greatness.

  • I appreciate people, and choose to lift them up.

Thanks for joining me! I'd love to hear about your experience! Feel free to share a photo or thoughts with me via Instagram or YouTube. @dynosoarlife

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