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Updated: Jul 30, 2020

If you were to look through my college notebooks you would quickly deduce that I am a doodler. I've always enjoyed surrounding my words with art. I find that drawing long squiggly lines and ornate flowers puts my brain in the perfect space to process thoughts.

In this post we are combining the meditative effects of drawing with the therapeutic effects of journaling. It's a double whammy!

Per usual, grab your journal and pen, but maybe add a few colors to the mix as well.

I invite you to join me by following the template in this blog, or by following along with the video below.

Get a print-out version of the template here.

Drawing + Journaling Mountain Template

First, I ask that you close your eyes and take three deep breathes.



Now, we can begin.

This is your template. You can find descriptions below.


We will start with the sky. Start by listing some of the thoughts that you are processing recently. Feel free to get creative! Maybe your big ideas have large clouds, and your quick thoughts have small clouds. Maybe happy thoughts are cumulus clouds, and subdued thoughts are series clouds.


Mountains are often associated with overcoming challenges. Life is full of speed bumps, hills, and enormous mountains. Draw a few mountains, and label each one with a challenge that you are facing. I wish you the very best as you take on your challenges with strength and grace!


Isn't gratitude one of the most beautiful aspects of life?! I'm obsessed with it. Below your mountains I want you to draw a beautiful field of gratitude. Despite any of the dark clouds or tall mountains, the universe always gives us gifts to be thankful for.

Thanks for joining me! I'd love to see your drawing! Feel free to share a photo or thoughts with me via Instagram or YouTube.

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