Crystal Quartz Healing | Journal Session

When did you last give yourself time to heal? This question really hits me because I too often place healing at the bottom of my priority list. Sometimes we behave as if time is the sole healer. However, there are better ways to deal with our pain. Journaling is a great first step. It enables us to observe our wounds and attend to them. Today I want to create a space for us to heal.

This journal prompt is inspired by the quartz crystal. Quartz is a healing stone. Some believe that it boosts the immune system and reduces anxiety. If you have quartz in your home I invite you to bring it to the table today.

You can join me by following the template in this blog, or by following along with the video below.

Get an editable PDF version of the template here.

Crystal Quartz Healing Journal Template

Today's journal session is especially vulnerable since we are addressing pain. Create a safe mind and body by taking three deep breathes.



Here is the template:

Get an editable PDF version of the template here.

Where do you need healing?

Let's start by becoming aware of our wounds. Where do you need healing? Some areas to consider are relationships, traumas, and self-esteem.

When did you last give yourself time to heal?

As I mentioned, this is the question that really hits my heart. I think that it is helpful to consider how we do or do not take time to heal. It reminds us that "healing" is an activity that we should practice.

What will it take for you to heal?

Refer to your responses to the first prompt. Consider what may need to happen in order for these wounds to heal.

What will healing achieve for you?

There are many benefits to healing our wounds. What specifically do you want to achieve?


We will end with affirmations. Choose one of the affirmations below, write it down, and say it out-loud.

  • I can heal.

  • I take care of myself.

  • I am patient with myself. I am proud of myself.

Thanks for joining me! I'd love to hear about your experience! Feel free to share a photo or thoughts with me via Instagram or YouTube. @dynosoarlife

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